Skyrocket your real estate business with AI-powered automation. 

Our TrueSpark™ Platform frees you up for your most important work…like nurturing relationships and closing deals.

We handle your repetitive tasks for marketing, sales, communication, and transactions, and effortlessly help you stay on top of every detail.

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RocketUrBiz founders know from personal experience the hard work, determination, knowledge, and skills required to be a successful real estate professional. Agents and brokers have a lot on their plate, and they have the added burden of operating ten or more software applications to run their businesses.

Our self-driving software automates your real estate business while being ridiculously easy to learn and adopt. We do this by making software modules for marketing, project management, document management, and more that operate through a singular platform. Our platform automates repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence to guide you and your clients from lead to close, and it offers key performance reporting on your entire business.

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RocketUrBiz builds software products for agents, teams, and brokers built on the wings of our proprietary cloud-based enterprise software platform, TrueSpark™. This singular platform powers our lead-to-close eco-system that automates repetitive tasks and business processes enabling you to do more with less effort, and stay focused on nurturing relationships, navigating the sales process, and closing more sales.

Our inaugural software for agents, Quasar is a centralized hub where all your business activities are managed. Think of it as a "Mission Control" for your business. Quasar includes client management, omnichannel marketing, and project management, and it synchronizes with everyday business tools like calendars, email, and contacts.

Less Work
Less Busy Work,
More Sales
Targeted Marketing,
Better ROI
Find Hot Leads
Faster & Easier

RocketUrBiz was founded by a top-producing Realtor with a vision for ensuring that dedicated agents and brokers have a bright future in the real estate industry.

When our CEO teamed up with an award-winning enterprise software architect, they discovered a mutual passion for empowering hard-working agents and brokers.

We understand that real estate is a people business. Whether you are an agent or a broker, your time is best spent on building and maintaining relationships and closing sales, not on tasks and paperwork. We help you spend time where it counts by making cutting-edge technology that automates repetitive tasks from the inception of a lead to the closing table.


The word automation has been tossed around in the real estate software industry for years. The unfortunate truth is that these products are not truly automated because the user must set up the automation. Here’s what makes us different

  • Little or no effort is required to launch or modify automated workflows.
  • Marketing workflows and content are prewritten and will launch automatically.
  • We offer preset transaction-related workflows.
  • Agents can adjust workflows using drag-and-drop menus and save different versions.
  • Our software reacts to email or text messages and then changes the affected workflow for you.

Receiving advice from real estate agents and brokers is one of the most important steps in delivering products that are not just good but great! If you can answer “yes” to at least one of these questions we could use your advice!

  • Are you an early adopter who is looking for the latest technology?
  • Do you wish your real estate software was easier to learn or use?
  • Have you been researching CRMs or project management software?
  • Do you have an interest in software with artificial intelligence?

RocketUrBiz is looking for full-time producing agents to test our new software before it is released for sale. Our beta testers will help us identify weak points in the software and provide advice about future capabilities. Beta testers can use our software for free during the testing period and will receive a founding partners discount when they choose to purchase the software. For more information and the benefits of being a beta tester, contact us.

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