RocketUrBiz founders know from personal experience the hard work, determination, knowledge, and skills required to be a successful real estate professional. Agents and brokers have a lot on their plate, and they have the added burden of operating ten or more software applications to run their business.

Our self-driving software automates your real estate business while being ridiculously easy to learn and adopt. We do this by making software modules for marketing, project management, document management, and more that operate through a singular platform. Our platform automates repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence to guide you and your clients from lead to close, and it offers key performance reporting on your entire business.


RocketUrBiz enables real estate professionals to achieve more with less effort and better serve the evolving demands of their clients through AI-powered automation. We’ll take care of your busy work so you can spend more time advising and advocating for your clients, building lifelong relationships, and honing your skills.


To become the dominant business process and knowledge management platform in the real estate and real estate adjacent industries.


Debra Schwartz

CEO | Founder

  • Top producing real estate agent for 25+ years.
  • Superpower: Making complex concepts easy to understand.
  • In her spare time: Runner, hiker, red wine fan, lover of cats and people

  • CEO

    Tavi Truman

    CTO & Chief Architect | Co-Founder

  • Award-winning software architect and engineer.
  • Expert in AI, business process management, analytics, and information systems management.
  • Superpower: Solving complex industry problems through technology.
  • In his spare time: Grows green things, cooks, lifts big weights.

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