Diversity and Inclusion is the Key to Innovation

RocketUrBiz brings cutting-edge enterprise-grade software products to businesses of all sizes. It shouldn’t matter whether you are an individual agent, a team, or a brokerage. We believe every one of our customers deserves best-in-class products and services that are adaptable to their unique business.

With such a diverse set of customers in the real estate industry, there are four essential areas where we will focus our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Customer Feedback – We value the opinions of our customers and future customers. We actively seek your input through beta testing, customer surveys, and in-app feedback opportunities.
  • Customer experience – Regardless of your experience with technology, we make it easy to get started with our products. Whether you are new to using software or you’re the first to try something new, we strive to make using our products as easy and fun as possible.
  • Our RocketUrBiz Team – We dislike “groupthink”. In a world where technology is moving at lightning speeds, our team needs to be nimble, intelligent, and willing to think creatively so we can continue to innovate on your behalf.
  • Grants – We intend to establish a grant program for agent members of diversity-centered real estate organizations. The grant program would offer a free year-long software subscription to a deserving agent in your organization whose members are primarily from underserved ethnic or LGBTQ groups. Contact us if your organization would more information.

We look forward to partnering with our real estate customers, organized real estate, and our RocketUrBiz team members.

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