Quasar is a lead-to-close platform that encompasses lead nurturing, omnichannel marketing, project management, sales management, and the automation of repetitive marketing, operations, and transaction related tasks. It is designed for individual agents who work solo and for those who are partnered with one other agent or assistant.

Our agent software is named after starlike celestial bodies called Quasars, the brightest of which outshine all the stars in their galaxy. Let us help you shine brightly!

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Quasar Saves Time & Money.

Use fewer software applications.

  • No more double entry of contact data.
  • Reduce your expenses with fewer software subscriptions.
  • Learn just one application while taking advantage of many.

  • Target Marketing = More Success.

    Supercharge your marketing efforts and track marketing results.

  • Quasar sends the right message at the right time.
  • More people are reached by offering them a choice of marketing channels.
  • No need to brush up on your writing skills. Marketing messages are professionally crafted for you.
  • Complying with data privacy laws is made easy.
  • We analyze marketing engagement across all RocketUrBiz customers to improve the marketing we do on your behalf.

  • Less Busy Work, More Sales.

    Be more productive with AI-powered automation.

  • No more manual research for better contact information or properties owned. Your contact records are updated in seconds. You can refresh them anytime!
  • Quasars’ AI saves you time by reviewing emails and texts, and then recommending follow-ups and prioritizing them.
  • Email attachments are downloaded and stored for you.

  • Find Hot Leads Faster & Easier.

    Close more deals, with greater consistency.

  • We identify people in your database who are most likely to buy or sell.
  • Cold leads are nurtured so you only reach out when they are sales-ready.
  • Consistently follow up no matter how busy you get. Whether it’s reminding your seller to disconnect utilities or asking for a referral at the right moment, we’ve got you covered.
  • It’s all automated so every client gets the same stellar service.

    Are you a small team with an assistant, agent partner, or both?

    Quasar lets you assign roles and responsibilities and facilitates communication between team members.

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    Less Work
    Client Experience Manager

    No more old-school CRMs.

    Our modern, easy-to-use CXM will impress your clients and prospects with personalized content and keep all your tasks on track

    Less Work
    Project Manager

    Effortlessly manage sales or projects with our digital Kanban board for listing management, transactions, and more.

    Less Work
    Fully Automated Workflows

    From lead to close, we’ve prebuilt workflows for your entire business so you can focus on people. Need to change a workflow? Easily customize them or let our AI customize workflows for you.

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