RocketUrBiz automates your routine tasks and business processes, enabling you to do more with less effort and stay focused on nurturing relationships, navigating the sales process, and closing more sales. We build advanced cloud-based software for agents, teams, and brokers.

Get Your Time Back

We asked dozens of real estate professionals what tech tools they use to run their business. Tools like CRM or MLS software came to mind but most agents didn’t consider the numerous small applications they use every day. Did you know that there are over 40 online tools that most professionals are using regularly? Toggling back and forth between all these applications is wasting hours of your time each day. At RocketUrBiz, we build software that gives you your time back. We believe that you, your family and your clients deserve more of your time than your software.

We Adapt to You

You don’t want to bother learning new software. We hear you! Get started on day one with minimal setup time because our software incorporates industry best practices in marketing, sales, project management, and transaction management. You can also customize your views and processes to your preference. And, if you just don’t have time, our software will magically learn your behavior and adapt to you. We automatically prioritize who you should contact and what actions you need to take, and then set up your day for you on your task list and calendar.

Keep Your Data Safe

The security of agent and client data is of utmost importance. We will never sell your data, and we help you stay current with all data protection laws by managing the complexities of data security behind the scenes.

Client Focused

Just like every agent is unique, so is every client. Imagine treating everyone as if they were your only focus. Communication and marketing to your contacts are automated and uses their favored method of communication. You can easily send unique messages to people with special interests and customize market updates based on hyper-local data, not generic data, for an entire City or County. And when you reach out to your clients, all your prior conversations by email, text and even phone transcripts can be stored in the contact record for easy reference. We make it a breeze for you to treat all your clients as special.


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