Our Focus in Architecting and Writing Software
Our Focus in Architecting and Writing Software
Our Focus in Architecting and Writing Software

RocketUrBiz™ came into existence because our CEO is a Top Producing Realtor and wanted her effort to amount to more than just the last house she helped a client buy or sell. The job of the Realtor is a difficult one and there is a great deal more to it than just the filling-out forms, closing the transaction and picking up the commission check; there is more appreciation due and more value gained in the business of helping people conduct high quality real estate transactions.

Our chief executive knows that she is in the business of meeting people and building relationships with those who have the dream of buying that first home as well as those that are ready to buy more properties working toward building greater value, worth, wealth and security for their loved ones and family members.

Debra Schwartz, RocketUrBiz founder, has had in mind a much bigger picture of what it means to be a Real Estate Agent and saw long ago a future in where she could grow what she did for her clients into a business capable of sustaining itself – Debra understood then that what she needed was a “Systems Thinking Approach” to declare, define and execute business in the Consumer Real Estate domain. She needed a definable and repeatable process in her back-office and a customer facing method and tool-set that did not get in her way of meeting people and developing relationships, helping people define, plan and execute home buy and sell transactions strategies.

Here in the Software Architecture and Development departments we envision the Real Estate Agent’s existence in a “Workflow-driven Hub and Spoke Process, Event, and Action model;” we see sets of well-defined task, events and actions pulling at the Realtor, each part demanding time and attention. There is a great deal Real Estate Agent is responsible and accountable for – indeed, this is complex and challenging model to own and execute. When you consider the “Groups of Real Estate Agents” working together in “Teams” the task becomes even more complex, demanding and interesting.

Presented in the diagram above, is an abridged model of how we see various aspects of the Consumer Real Estate model pulling on the Realtor; we are very passionate to design and develop process, method, applications, and software tools that lower the bar of complexity; to create more space and time for the Realtor to do what software cannot – to aid one in creating powerful human-to-human, compelling buy/sell experiences for the consumer.

Furthermore, we witness how the Realtor is required to respond to the pressures of such a Hub and Spoke model in a dynamic and somewhat random fashion, not because of duty-wise preference, but working, rather, in response to how the world, people, markets and humanity occurs in the scope of the “Real Estate Transaction”; the need for simple but powerful tools is a definite necessity in order to assist the Realtor in serving the consumer with high levels of fidelity and consistency.

At present application integration, data and information management, process declaration, definition, and task enactment all land, unfairly, on the shoulders of the agent; our software engineering effort is keen on architecting and writing software to help the agent get arms around these and other challenges. We work to create software that harness the power and efficiency of modern technologies and to help the realtor to achieve greater balance and value in business and in life.

We have worked for a few years now to better understand the world of the Real Estate Agent; our CEO has been our guide in learning the business domain and she is an active ambassador and proxy aiding us in forging partnerships and relationships with colleagues and peers that make the business work.

In response to gaining such knowledge and understandings, as commercial software developers, we have found the job of the Realtor to be one of managing and mastering varied business processes, workflow, data and tool integration in combination with leading and managing the real estate transaction and customer experience; we have witnessed Realtors helping consumers with Financial planning, Credit Correction, Taxes, Health and Wellness matters, Deal Making and Negotiations, Family Planning and a host of activities many of us are unaware of  – being a Realtor is Hard!

We are very excited to start this journey of architecting, designing and writing software applications and tools for the professional Realtor and Teams of Realtors; we are ready and welcome the challenge! You will find us here at RocketUrBiz open to developing partnerships and alliances – we know we must develop relationships with others to be effective and successful for our customers and we look forward to working with those who share our passion, goals, and core values.

Tavi Truman, CTO – Chief System and Software Architect

RocketUrBiz, Inc.


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