Beta Update #3
Beta Update #3
Beta Update #3

An oxymoron is a word or group of words that is self-contradicting. I noticed an oxymoron in the real estate software industry. Have you ever had to set up an “automated” email campaign or set up a series of sequential tasks to accomplish an “automated” workflow? “Setting up” an “automation” is an oxymoron. By virtue of your having to manually set it up, it is not really automated, is it?

The challenge is that building true automation in software is not easy. In fact, it is very hard! Our Chief Technology Officer, Tavi Truman, is determined to bring you software that truly automates a good portion of the routine work that eats up your time.

Here is what we are working on for our first beta:

Contacts: Importing or syncing your contacts requires no mapping. Just let us know the source(s) of the data, and we automatically prepare your contacts for import and eliminate duplicates. We double-check each contact record against other data sources to ensure you have complete and current information and that everything winds up in the right place. We automatically match your contacts with property ownership records, so you do not need to source that manually from county records.

Grouping your contacts: We group your contacts for you. No need to place contacts into buckets yourself! Our automation can use content in your current contact records, along with emails and text messages from each contact, to determine in which group they likely belong. If you have already spent time grouping your own contacts, we will reuse the groups you have created.

Drip email marketing campaigns: We have created a starter set of emails for the most commonly used groups, like your SOI, seller leads, buyer leads, past clients, professional resources, geographic farm, and other Realtors. Campaigns will automatically launch when you enter a new contact. You can also create your own campaigns if you choose to, but if you prefer not to spend your time doing this, we’ve got your back!

Task reminders and communication priorities: In addition to helping you prioritize who you should plan to contact next, we also alert you when a business-related email or text falls through the cracks. We connect the email and text service(s) you use for business to our software, allowing us to associate your business communications and marketing communications with your contact records. We then analyze these communications to help you keep up with everything you need to stay on top of as your most important professional priorities.

True automation is a lot to ask of your software, but that is exactly what we plan to do for you. It is also the reason our beta start date keeps getting pushed back.

Bear with us while we build something that will save hours of your time every day. It will be worth the wait – I promise!

Debra Schwartz, Founder and CEO


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