Beta Update #2
Beta Update #2
Beta Update #2

RocketUrBiz offers our clients easy to use applications that pack a powerful punch. We deliver Enterprise-strength capabilities that protect your data and integrate seamlessly while being super easy to use. Our first beta will be available for testing before the end of March.

When RocketUrBiz beta testers install Quasar, our agent software, the first thing that happens is our software connects to services in the Azure Cloud. The Azure Cloud is where we store your contact records and other data, how we keep the system secure, and where we integrate with any third-party providers. You’ll know everything is going well when you see our notification at the bottom right of the splash screen. On the off chance something goes wrong this message will be replaced with a different notification. Installing the software is a quick 30-second process followed by an equally quick registration process, which I’ll cover in my next email update.

Below is our splash screen which displays two of the key services built into all our products. Infinity Guard™ keeps your data safe. It allows you to sign on using Facebook or various email services and we keep you compliant with data security laws like GDPR and the California law, CCPA. Although most real estate agents might not be required to adhere to the full letter of these laws, consumers are expecting us to be good stewards of their data. We want to do right by you and allow you to do the right thing for your clients.

Our Integration Dock™ is where we connect all third-party services. For now, these are the services we have used to build the software. This is also where we will integrate with other service providers offering additional services such as text, phone, advanced email campaigns, and more. Integrations are all done automatically by RocketUrBiz so you won’t have to worry about setting anything up yourself.


Stay tuned for our next exciting update!

Debra Schwartz, Founder and CEO


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