Embrace Our Differences and Shoot for the Stars!
Embrace Our Differences and Shoot for the Stars!
Embrace Our Differences and Shoot for the Stars!

When I left my job at a fortune 500 Savings & Loan in 1995 to become a real estate agent, I had a dream of what it meant to be self-employed. I wanted to make my own decisions, serve my clients to the best of my ability, work as much or as little as I wanted, and of course, have limitless earning potential.

As real estate agents, we are consummate multi-taskers. We are marketing gurus, salespeople, negotiators, bookkeepers, and administrative assistants. We fix our own computers, run our own errands, provide concierge services, and more. We are the emotional support system and the voice of reality for our clients. We are highly skilled and versatile professionals. And we are on the “clock” when most people are enjoying time with friends and families.

In our industry today there are adversaries who erroneously believe technology could replace us. We suffer technology-abuse at the hands of companies whose purpose is not supportive of the real estate professional, but purely to be profitable. We struggle against a wave of online portals offering consumers information without the perspective that comes with our experience and knowledge. Software for agents and brokers rarely offer complete integration with each other, and many are developed with little or no input from the real estate professionals who will use them. Consumers are getting more information from free online portals than agents can get through their own MLS services. This environment has led some of our industry peers to claim that technology allows them to compete with lower commissions. But technology is expensive. While these tactics may help them grab market share, it is also dramatically cutting commissions which undermines the value of our profession. Instead, we need to step up our game by working more efficiently, offering more value, and being the champions our clients need and desire.

At RocketUrBiz, our purpose is to enhance your business and your client connections. We want to give you your time back so you can use it to create more meaningful relationships, create and increase predictable sales results, and have a singular and seamless connection to the key tools you require to run your business. We are committed to partnering with the real estate agent community and with other technology companies to offer you cutting edge, cost-effective and user-friendly software modules and software integrations that will streamline your business operations, create efficiencies previously available only to large enterprises, and add to the bottom line for all of us.

We aim to elevate the perceived image of real estate agents to be accurately seen as the valued business partners and advisors we are in the real estate transaction. And we want to help move the real estate industry forward by creating partnerships with other service providers for the betterment of you as a real estate professional. In doing this, we believe your real estate sales job will become easier, more fruitful, and less reliant on your 24/7 participation. Ultimately, we want you to have the tools you need to become a business operation that can grow to new heights.

We invite you to join us on this journey and be part of a new movement where real estate technology is built to help business professionals thrive, not eliminate us.

“Harnessing Technology, Empowering People”

Debra Schwartz
CEO & Founder of RocketUrBiz

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